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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Preparing for Northern Michigan

The Blue and Gold took to the ice for practice today only one day away from competing in the second round of the CCHA Playoffs. Here are some images from practice. Enjoy and check back for more hockey info and more info about our other spots at championships.

The Berry Sports Complex is a beautiful place. The setup for this place is legit and doesn't look to be a bad seat in the house. There are actually some box seating, not sure for who, but they look nice. Talking with a member of the NMU staff and they say it should be pretty full tomorrow night and that the student section can get pretty rowdy:

The LED board at the arena has this displayed non-stop.

The flags beside the LED board. As you can see we have the American and Canadian flag (standard) and the Swedish flag (not so standard). Do I have any idea why the Sweden flag is there? Sure, they are fans of Henrik Lundqvist (I think).

And here are some images from actual practice today:

Go Nooks.

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