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Monday, January 3, 2011

Alaska Skiers Open Road Trip At U.S. Nationals In Maine

Here's a note from head coach Scott Jerome just before the team left for their current road trip:

Packing for 28 Days

"Just finished packing for a 28 day trip to the lower 48. We hit US Nationals in Maine, then fly from Boston to the midwest for college races in Duluth and the Minneapolis USSA SuperTour.

Packing for a long road trip has gotten easier after six full seasons here at UAF, but it’s still a challenge. Basically we have to take enough wax, tools, and other equipment for 12 athletes competing in eight events over four weeks. We basically pack up the entire wax room and take it south.

Living on the road is a challenge, too. A simple ear infection or lost bag can create all sorts of issues. Fortunately, we have many friends all over the country who always lend a hand when we come up short. The good people at Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, St. Scholastica, Chisholm Ski Club, St. Cloud State, St. John’s University, Team Homegrown, the Marshall School and many more have all helped us out over the years, and we are very thankful.

Many people ask how we can miss so much school on a road trip like this. Due to our university calendar, we only miss three days of classes for this four week road trip. We are on break for 25 of the 28 days. Later in the season will miss a bit more, but our student-athletes, like most skiers around the country, are diligent and hard-working. It’s not easy, but they get the job done.

I am very fortunate to travel with such a great team. They all pitch in when we have to pack up and head to the next venue. I couldn’t ask for a better group of university athletes.

Thanks to our friends out there — we appreciate your support on these long trips. We look forward to seeing you at the races."

-S. Jerome

Here are some images from some of the team members at last year's U.S. Nationals in Anchorage. Best of luck to all the Nanooks as they take to the trails at U.S. Nationals this week in Rumford, Maine.

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