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Friday, October 16, 2009

Robert Morris @ Alaska Live Game Blog

Welcome to the Carlson Center for tonight's matchup as well see Robert Morris (0-0-0) go up against the Nanooks of Alaska (2-0-0). Alaska is coming off a steller performance last weekend beating #3 Michigan 2-0 and Mercyhurst 5-1 to win the tournament down in Anchorage.

Sorry for the late start to things, would have been some sweet pictures but I forgot my cable at home, so you will have to wait until next home game.

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Earlier today the Seawolves from Anchorage defeated RPI 3-0. Good game with a lot of great up and down hockey.

Here are the lineups for visiting RMU




For the Nanooks

Petovello-Klassen-B. Knelsen

D. Molle-Enders


Should be a really good hockey game and a great finish to a good day of hockey as the Colonials traveled over 4,000 miles to play in the contest

Before we got underway a nice cerimonial dropping of the puck by the title sponsor from Brice

First Period

20:00 - Klassen and Longpre take the opening faceoff and Klassen wins it and we are under way

19:31 - Good open ice hit by Klassen to disrupt a RMU rush

19:13 - Zach Hervato gets the first shot of the game and Greenham shrugss it away

18:29 - The Nanooks finally get the puck out of the zone and put some pressure on RMU

18:10 - Good hip check at the blueline to force Robert Morris to dump the puck in. Physical play so far.

17:50 - A shot by Meyers just misses the net on a 3 on 2 for the Nanooks

16:50 - Good pick pocked by Dustin Molle leads a 2-1 that comes up empty

16:26 - Enders with a shot that gets gobbled up by goaltener Ostergard

16:06 - A 3 on 1 for the Nanooks, Petovello finds Dion Knelsen but a good save by the RMU goaltender

14:57 - A bad angle shot by a RMU player is kicked out by Greenham and almost starts an odd man rush for the Nanooks

14:41 - Enders takes a shot that is deflected out of play

14:30 - The Nanooks win another faceoff and look really strong in that aspect

14:18 - Dustin Molle takes a shot that gets tipped right into the chest of goaltender Ostergard

13:30 - Molle with a shot that gets pushed to the boards and then the Colonials get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Kushneriuk gets two minutes for hooking

12:35 - Good job by the RMU PK as they are blocking a ton of shots on this PP, atleast three by my count

11:58 - The Nanooks get nabbed with a delayed offsides call that brings the faceoff outside of the zone, 36 seconds left on the man advantage

11:23 - RMU kills the penalty and we are back to 5 on 5 hockey

11:07 - Crazy hockey as the Nanooks come strong and nearly have a goal. No idea how that puck does not go in the net. Three shots and rang one off the pipe.

10:26 - A shot by Nate Lonpre gets deflected so far out of play it goes over the protective netting behind goaltender Greenham

10:09 - Ostergard breaks his stick and is now playing with a defensive players stick

9:46 - A stop in play allows Ostergard to get a new stick

9:16 - Carlo Finucci lays out a RMU defender that was pretty non chalant with the puck behind the play. That gets the crowd a little more into it. Good, solid hockey hit by Finucci.

8:17 - The Nanooks continue to push the issue as they are out shooting RMU at a 10-6 clip. RMU is blocking a lot of shots it seems like

7:50 - Dion Knelsen nearly puts in the wrap around goal. Very nice play by Knelsen there to know the situation and use the room that the defense gave him

6:53 - A stalemate behind the Robert Morris goal finaly leads to a breakout from the Colonials

6:36 - Play is stopped after the net behind Greenham is knocked over.

6:18 - Petovello intercepts a pass and finds a streaking Nanook down the right side but the shot is ate up by goaltender Ostergard

5:50 - Another Robert Morris penalty as Ron Cramer gets two minutes for tripping. Another Nanooks power play

5:30 - And annnnnnnother RMU penalty. Denny Urban picks up two minutes for tripping 1:38 of 5 on 3 hockey

5:15 - Two bigs saves right on the doorstep by the Robert Morris goaltender. He is holding up to the pressure nicely

4:31 - Sova just slips a shot wide that beat Ostergard

3:52 - Dion Knelsen just misses on a one timer. Great power play by the Nanooks but they have nothing to show for it.

3:48 - Dion Knelsen shots a slapper into the netting and the first penalty expires

3:30ish - The second penalty expires, but not without some amazing opportunities from the Nanooks. They threw everything but the kitchen sink at Ostergard but he would not bend or break

2:46 - The Nanooks fly back on a 3 on 2 after a Greenham save only to be called for offsides. Tough break to what could have been a great chance

2:29 - Shot by B. Molle is covered by Ostergard for another stoppage in play

2:02 - Ostergard has to be awake as a dump in pass almost goes by him thanks to a funny hop off these Carlson Center boards

1:15 - Sova blocks a shot up into the netting behind goaltender Greenham. Nice positional hockey by Sova there

0:00 - End of 1st Period


Good first period for both teams. The Nanooks carried a lot of the play in the period but the Colonials were able to keep up and block a lot of shots and have some big saves by their goaltender Ostergard.

Although Greenham hasn't been tested too much he has been in good position and has done a nice job in the crease. The same must be said for the defense. They have been pinching rather well in the offensive end and have been pretty physical with the Robert Morris forwards.

This has been a pretty physical game but yet there are only two penalties. Good, clean hits and hockey which has to be a good feeling for both the coaches and the fans that are watching the game.

The Nanooks are getting a ton of shots, they just aren't always hitting the net. The Nanooks attempted 36 shots with 10 of the shots being blocked and 15 were misses. To compare, RMU has only 13 attempted shots.

The Nanooks have a lead in shots 15-8

Dion Knelsen leads the Nanooks with three

Trevor Lewis has two to lead the Colonials

The Nanooks lead in faceoffs winning 14 of the 24 chances (58%)

Dion Knelsen is 5 of 6 (83%)

Nick Chiavetta and Ron Cramer are 1 for 1 (100%)

RMU has blocked 10 shots as a team with no play having more than two

The Nanooks have blocked five shots with Aaron Gens having three

Cotton Eye Joe is busted out before the players head back onto the ice for the second period. What a classic.

Second Period

20:00 - The Dion Knelsen line starts for the Nanooks

19:43 - Knelsen opens up the second with a shot that was saved by Ostergard

19:15 - Derek Klassen scores for the Nanooks. Off a three on two he got the pass from Brandon Knelsen and Nik Yaremchuk on a great group of passing. Nice, crisp, one touch passing that found the back of net. Ostergard never had a chance. They Hey Song is played.

17:58 - Great stand up hit by Filzen on a Robert Morris play to win a battle and keep the puck

17:41 - More pressure from the Nanooks as they force a stopage in play with another shot. Shots are 18-8 now. She thinks my tractor's sexy is played at the break

16:49 - South picks up two minutes for tripping. Another power play for the Nanooks. A goal here would be huge

15:58 - A blast by Sather is blocked to the corner. A very hard shot that I am sure the RMU player is feeling now.

15:36 - Puck is out of play and the RMU PK unit can finally change after good pressure from the Nanooks on the PP

14:48 - RMU kills the penalty and that was a huge kill for their momentum

14:30 - Icing on the Colonials by a tired group of players after killing that penalty. Goaltener Ostergard checks his equiptment to give his guys an extra second. Good play there by Ostergard

13:50 - Justin Filzen almost redirects a puck into the net off a feed but can't get enough stick onto it. Great idea, just couldn't get enough juice on it

13:37 - First shot on goal in the period for Robert Morris. This speaks to how well the Nanooks have played this period

12:01 - Petovello almost finds the back of the net with a hard slap shot but Ostergard was in position to make the save

11:19 - In a strage occurance a part of an advertisement actually falls off the boards and halts play. This stopage saves Finucci who had host his stick during the play

10:31 - Lucky play for RMU. The Nanooks clear it down the boards and it hits a partition and comes right out into the slot but no Nanooks were in place to put in the bounce

10:10 - Robert Morris is right back into it. Right after the bad bounce they come back and score. Cody Chrichton puts a puck past Greenham. Longpre and Urban picked up the assists. 1-1 tie

8:49 - The Nanooks respond right back and get a huge goal. A shot from the right point hits goaltender Ostergard and trickles behind him and Jarrett Granberg was there to put it in the empty net. Another bad break for RMU but the Nanooks do a great job to bounce back and capitalize on the bounce. Sather and Finucci get the assists. The Hey Song is played

7:31 - Good work on the barods by Yaremchuk to free a puck and start a Nanook rush

7:04 - The Nanooks almost get another goal by Ostergard as it goes through the crease but no Nanooks are on the backside to finish the play. Shout is played at the stoppage

6:22 - Aaron Gens picks up two minutes for hooking. Huge PK for the Nanooks to keep the momentum

5:32 - A blocked shot in front and a clear get the puck out of a very hot kitchen for the Nanooks

4:25 - Sova looses his stick and has to waste it and gets one from his winger but the Nanooks clear the zone to make it a moot point. Good kill by the Nanooks

3:33 - Great hit on the far boards by Yaremchuk on a RMU defenseman. The physical hockey continues

3:10 - Blandina fires a shot in the slot that just goes wide of the net. RMU needs to get good opportunities like that on net to tie this game again

2:04 - Urban takes a shot and it was blocked goalie style out front by Gens. He was trying to practice his butterfly. I think.

1:15 - A good pinch by Dustin Molle keep the puck in the zone for some needed offensive pressure. Great job by Molle to do whatever it took to keep the puck in

:31 - Another Robert Morris penalty as Chrichton goes off for tripping. That will be a two minute power play for the Nanooks

:23 - Sova blasts a shot from the left point that almost finds the back of the net. The rebound is picked up by Dion Knelsen and he hits the post on a back hander but Andy Taranto is there to put in the wide open cage. Early on the power play the Nanooks cash in. What a huge goal. The Hey Song is played

0:00 - End of Second Period - Alaska 3, RMU 1


What a great period for the Nanooks. They got a huge goal early in the period and were playing great. They had RMU come back and score a goal and really take some of the confidence to their side but they never blinked. Two goals to end the period and we saw a very strong Nanook team.

Robert Morris is going to need to get a lot of more shots on net to get back into this game. The Nanooks are controlling TOP and are able to set up almost at will. The Nanooks are getting a ton of shots off, and they hit the net many more times that period. The Nanooks attempted 63 shots to only 24 for Robert Morris.,

The Nanooks have a 30-12 lead in shots after two periods

The Nanooks had 15 shots in the second period to only four for Robert Morris

Dion Knelsen leads the Nanooks with five shots

Several RPI players check in with two shots

Robert Morris has blocked 15 shots with four players having two blocked shots each

The Nanooks have blocked nine shots with Aaron Gens blocking five himself

The Nanooks have won an amazing 29 of the 41 faceoffs

Derek Klassen has won 8 of 9

Ron Cramer has won both of his faceoff chances

Third Period

19:12 - Dion Knelsen fans on a shot at the left point but Nik Yaremchuk is there to put a good shot on net and a great chance for the Nanooks

18:52 - Ostergard covers up for RMU off a Nanooks shot. The Nanooks have came out of the break full force tonight

18:32 - Taranto shots a puck off the RMU goaltender and it goes up into the netting

17:40 - Ron Meyers in on the door step and has the puck just slide off his stick as they had a chance to put the puck in the net off a back hand try. Close call for RMU, the next goal either way is HUGE

16:42 - What a backbreaking goal for RMU to give up. Jarret Granberg scores his second goal of the game on a backhand goal in front. Carlo Finucci took a shot that hit the goaltender and Granberg picked up the garbage for the goal. 4-1 Nanooks. The Hey Song is played

15:45 - RMU picks up the pressure and Chrichton pushed one into goaltender Greenham

15:30 - Dion Knelsen almost brought the house down. Off a save Knelsen almost knocks the puck into the net baseball style but just pushed the puck wide.

14:54 - We will rock you is played at the break. Solid choice by the DJ

14:14 - Filzen tries for a wrap around and goaltender Ostergard pust a nice poke check to free the puck

13:06 - The puck is knocked into a crowd after some extended play. Nanooks are playing very well now and control the flow of the game still

12:26 - Dustin Molle picks up two mintues for interference. RMU power play. A good PK is needed to start to put this game away for the Nanooks

12:06 - A couple of shots are turned aside by Greenham and the zone is cleared, PK ges to change

11:32 - Dion Knelsen picks the pocket of a RMU defensemen and fins a wide open Nik Yaremchuk streaking into the slot for a one timer but Ostergard is up to the task and makes the save

11:05 - Greenham goes to the bench during the stopage for some equiptment issues. Not sure what was going on there, but it gave everyone an extended break

10:26 - The Nanooks kill the penalty without any real danger. Nice job by the PK unit again here tonight.

9:55 - Tom Brooks is going to the sin bin, two minutes for checking from behind. Another Nanooks power play

9:12 - RMU comes up with a short handed chances but they can not beat Greenham despite some nifty passing and making Greenham move side to side

8:32 - Sova slaps a hard slap shot that hits Ostergard right in the chest for a stopage 37 seconds left on the man advantage

8:13 - Taranto just misses the net in teh short slot, nice look

7:55 - RMU kills of the penalty, but not without some great Nanook pressure

7:33 - When it rains, it pours. Tom Brooks takes another penalty. Two minutes for charging. Another Nanooks power play.

7:09 - Finucci is wide open in the slot and just shoots the puck high

6:48 - Goaltender Ostergard knocks the net off its mourings to cause a stop in play. During the break he goes to the bench for some equiptment work. The Nanooks are just buzzing on this power play and its just a matter of time before they cash in again. Ostergard has had to make some pretty nice saves just to keep this a 4-1 game

5:32 - RMU kills the rest of the penalty and are at 5-on-5 hockey again. The Nanooks are just butchering the Colonials, leading in shots 46-16 at this point

5:06 - Well, that sums up the night for Robert Morris. Trying to form a rush into the zone two of their players collide and turn over the puck. They have played hard and the score does not reflect that

3:59 - Greenham gloves a puck that would have been off the mark but he stops play with a little under four mintues to go

3:16 - Granberg is looking for the hatty. He comes down on the left wing and fires a shot on net only to be stopped. You can be sure his teammates will be looking for him when hes on the ice

2:31 - Greenham stops a rare RMU shot to stop play

2:15 - The Nanooks will go on another power play. Ron Cramer goes to the box for hooking. Two minutes. Then you can tack on a 10 minute misconduct for arguing with the officials. Another Nanook power play

1:58 - Scott Enders blasts a shot from the point for the 48th shot of the game for Alaska

1:27 - The Nanooks pick up a penalty. Brandon Knelsen goes to the box for two mintues for boarding. 4-on-4 hockey for the next 1:13

0:53 - Robert Morris puts in a goal. On a two on one the Colonials crash the net and they reap the rewards for doing the dirty work. Danny Urban cashed in after a missed shot by Nate Longpre. 4-2 Nanooks

0:03 - RMU fittingly picks up another penalty with three seconds left to finsih up the game with 4-on-4 hockey. Ostergard picked up the rare trip.

0:00 End of Game - Final score Alaska 4, Robert Morris 2

Post Game

Your three stars

3) Scott Greenham, Alaska

2) Brooks Ostergard, Robert Morris

1) Jarret Granberg, Alaska

The Nanooks looked very good tonight evident by the 49 shots they threw at Robert Morris. The Nanooks never took their foot off the gas pedel and they were rewarded with another win to push their overall record to 3-0-0.

Scott Greenham was not tested too much today but he did what he had to do to win. Also props have to be thrown out to his defense who did a nice job of clearing the slot and giving him a ton of room to see the pucks coming his way.

The Nanooks did an exceptional job in the faceoff circle tonight. They won 40 of the 65 faceoffs which was good for 62%. Winning a faceoffs at that clip gives your offense extra opportunities which helps you put teams away when you need to do so. Nice job by the Nanooks there.

The Nanooks outshot RMU 49-18

Dion Knelsen led the Nanooks with seven shots

Denny Urban had a team-high three shots for the Colonials

The Nanooks led in the faceoff circle going 40/65 (62%)

Derek Klassen was 10 of 13 (77%)

Furman South was a perfect 2-for-2 for RMU

The Nanooks blocked 11 shots led by Aaron Gens with five

Robert Morris blocked 17 shots with six different players having two blocked shots a piece

RMU took eight penalties for 28 minutes tonight while the Nanooks only took three penalties.

Alaska was 1-of-8 on the power play and was a perfect 3-for-3 on the PK

Good night everyone and we will see you tomorrow for more Nanooks hockey

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