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Saturday, October 3, 2009

SAIT @ Alaska

Welcome to the Carlson Center for beginning of the 2009-2010 hockey season. We have just started with the whole blogging thing so we are going to try and bring you live game updates of your Alaska Nanooks throughout this season when it is possible.

We are a little late to the show here today as we had other obligations but we will try and be here to serve you for the second and third period of this hockey game.

After one we have a 2-0 lead for your Nanooks. Cody Butcher got Alaska on the board first with a power play goal and Derek Klassen found the back of the net for the second Nanook goal.

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First Period Intermission

Solid first for the Nanooks. They got the puck to the net and capitalized on their opportunities. Scott Grenham looks good while facing minimal shots. Nice stop on a breakaway when it was still only 1-0 to keep SAIT off the board.

-The Nanooks lead in faceoffs 12-21 (57%

-Dio Knelsen is 3-4 (75%)

-Brady Mason is 3-5 (60%)

-The Nanooks are outshooting SAIT 20-7

-Kevin Petovello lead Alaska with 4

-Three players have two shots each for SAIT

-Joe Sova has blocked two shots for the Nanooks

-Nobody with more than one block for SAIT


19:45 SAIT gets the first two shots on net after a Nanooks turnover

19:29 Nik Yaremchuk leads a three on two down the ice and Dion Knelsen who ripped a slapper past the SAIT goaltender. Ryan Nieszner is promply pulled. The Hey Song is played

18:42 - Souther Alberta gets called for another penalty. Brad Plumpton gets 2:00 for cross checking

18:30 - big save by new goaltender Tommy Tartaglione after good puck movement by the Nanooks

17:40 - A mad scramble in front but Kevin Petovello can't finish the play

17:07 - The Nanooks get called for off sides

16:42 - The Trojans finish killing the power play but the Nanooks got some nice looks

16:22 - Bryant Molle got a solid look on the left point but a good save by Tartaglione to push it into the netting.

15:43 - Dustin Molle gets called for slashing. 2:00, and the first Trojans power play

15:17 - Good PK by the Nanooks as they keep SAIT in their own zone for about 20 seconds

15:00 - Justin Daigle blocks a shot in front and goes slowly to the bench, nice effort there on the PK

14:03 - A bouncing puck is not able to be handled at the blue line and the Nanooks clear the zone
13:43 - Nanooks kill off the penalty with minimal damage from SAIT

13:05 - Nanooks pick up a bench penalty for too many men on the ice

12:32 - blocked shot by the Nanooks in front and they clear it for a second time

12:11 - Nanooks get stastained presure in SAIT zone and get a change

11:39 - Shane Lust shoots it right into the chest of goaltender Greenham and he holds on for a faceoff

11:15 - Derek Klassen gets two shots at the tail end of the PK but both stopped by goaltender Tartaglione.

10:56 - Klassen gets called for contact to the head and the Nanooks are on the PK for the third time this period.

10:45 - Ron Meyers blocks and shot and is able to clear the zone for the Nanooks

10:10 - Jon Malin pushes a shot wide with a great look on the door step. If SAIT is going to comeback you have to bury that.

9:35 - Kyle Dorowicz picks up two mintues for roughing. 40 seconds of 4-on-4 hockey

8:55 - Knelsen's penalty is over, 1:40 of PP time for the Nanooks

8:21 - Nanooks almost give up a shorty, SAIT forward fans on a one-timer in the slot

7:34 - SAIT kills of the remainder of the penalty

7:09 - Mike Ullrich comes down on a 3 on 2 and gets a wide open backhand in the slot and he is shut down my Greenham and as soon as he covers up he is hit my a teammate and tumbles into the net.

6:41 - Good offensive pressure by SAIT that gets them some chances and shots

6:30 - That pressure forces the Nanooks to take a penalty. Cody Butcher goes to the box for tripping

5:54 - First power play shot on this PP for SAIT. Asford McMaster shots it right into the chest of Greenham

5:25 - SAIT gets a shot and good rebound and the Nanook defense does a great job to clear the crease

5:14 - Rather be lucky than good sometimes. SAIT rings one right off the pipe and out of play. Thats the way I like it is played at the stop.

4:30 - The Nanooks kill Butchers penalty with no harm

4:12 - Carlo Finucci just misses a goal going glove side on Tartaglione. Puck went out of play

3:48 - A harmless backhand goes into Greenhams glove with three white shirts there to protect him. Solid Defense

3:11 - Brandon Knelsen jsut misses hooking up Derek Knelsen for a one time goal

2:30 - Ryan Hohl can't handle a pass in the slot as he had a golden opportunity to put one in the back of the net

2:10 - Offsides on the Nanooks

1:50 - Andy Taranto and a SAIT player is battling along the boards but the referee can not get out of the way.

47 - SAIT finally gets on the board. Mike Ullrich redirects a shot by Brad Pumton. Nice job there. Greenham really had no chance.

20 - The Nanooks dump it in to try and get one before the period



-Nice period by both teams. SAIT was able to get some pressure on the Nanooks and the Nanooks were able to play good, fundimental defense in order to keep their lead. Scott Greenham has made some nice saves for the Nanooks

-The Nanooks took back to back to back penalties in the second period. SAIT had a great chance to get back into the ball game but couldn't capitalize on their power plays. The Nanooks, in the same respect, got nice rushes on the PK and had more than a few chances for a shorty.

-The Nanooks hold a 30-17 lead in shots

-Shots were tied 10-10 in the second period

-Kevin Petovello leads the Nanooks with five shots

-Asford McMaster leads SAIT with four shots

-Alaska leads in faceoffs at 27-17

-Derek Klassen is 10-13 (76%)

-Travis Bradshaw is 4-5 (80%)

-Joe Sova leads with three blocked shots

-SAIT has nobody with more than two blocked shots


19:40 - SAIT get the first chance but the Nanook defense stands tall to clear the zone

19:29 - Derek Klassen lays the lumber to a SAIT forward on the far boards to disrupt play

18:36 - Icing on the Nanooks, faceoff back in the defensive zone

18:28 - Good hard hit by Cody Butcher to keep the puck in the offensive zone

18:09 - Offsides on the Nanooks on a puck that juuuuuuuuuuuuuust left the zone

17:30 - Greenham snags a soft wrister to stop play

17:11 - A one time shot by Ryan Hyland goes wide

16:56 - Nanooks finally clear the zone after good SAIT pressure

16:37 - Jon Malin picks up two minutes for checking from behind. Nanook power play

16:07 - SAIT clears the zone to get a quick change

15:41 - Another clear by SAIT after a good blcoked shot by the defense

15:05 - Good puck movement by teh Nanooks but they can't keep the pck in the zone

14:49 - Two quick shots by the Nanooks are both twarted away

14:31 - SAIT kills the penalty with some good PK

13:21 - SAIT cycles the puck for about a minute but fail to get a shot while in the zone. Good zone defense by the Nanooks

12:30 a breakout by Finucci and Granberg is broken up by the SAIT defense and covered up by goaltender Nieszner

12:12 - A shot in the slot by Dion Knelsen is blocked again by the SAIT defense

12:03 - Right at a stopage of play Joe Sova lays out a SAIT player in the slot. Nice job of clearing the lane there by Sova

11:25 - Scott Enders gets called for roughing, SAIT power play

10:47 - A hand pass is called on SAIT which brings the faceoff way back into their defensive end

10:36 - The Nanooks block a shot into the netting and await a faceoff to the right of goaltender Greenham

10:29 - A faceoff win and a clearing of hte zone kills half the penalty

10:10 - Geoff Rollins is down for SAIT as it looks as if he went into the boards wierd. Trainers are out to check. Hope he is ok.

Beat It is played after Rollins is off the ice

9:52 - SAIT enders the zone offsides, faceoff right outside the Nanook blue line

9:35 - Greenham makes a nice glove save off a shot right in the slot with 10 seconds left in the period to keep the score 3-1

9:25 - Enders is back on the ice after the Nanooks kill the penalty

8:46 - Andy Taranto gloves a puck out the air and starts a three on one but the Nanooks can't get a shot off

7:50 - Plumton fans on a shot at the left point and it goes alllllllll the way to the SAIT net

7:26 - The Nanooks defense has done a nice job to limit the Trojans to only three shots thus far this period

7:04 - Scott Enders nearly puts a puck in his own net off his skate. Luckily it glides wide

6:40 - Greenham stops his fourth shot of hte period and clears the zone

5:40 - Enders throw a puck on net from the point but it gets gloved up by goaltender Nieszner

5:06 - Enders makes a nice stand up play on defense and forces the puck out of the zone when SAIT looked like they might have had something coming

4:38 - To the sin bin for SAIT. Asford McMaster goes to the box. Two mintues for tripping. Nanooks power play

4:18 - After good work down low the Nanooks have the puck slip over the stick and out of the zone

4:07 - Brad Plumton takes a cross checking penalty to make it a 5-on-3 for 1:39

3:43 - Dustin Sather takes a pass on the short point and rifles it past Nieszner for a 4-1 lead. Nanooks still on the power play for 1:36. The Hey Song is play. Assist to Brandon Knelsen

3:17 - Wow what a turn of events. Nothing like a 5-on-3 to put up two goals. Ryan Hohl puts it in from Cody Butcher and Jarret Granberg. The Hey song is played

2:36 - Greenham holds on to a wrister and the Carlson Center crowd gives this team a nice ovation that is definatly warrented. Three power play goals tonight

2:16 - Dustin Molle has a nice rub out on the board to give the Nanooks the puck

2:01 - Wow. Just wow. Another Nanooks goal. Just Filzen finds the back of the net from Dustin Sather and Ryan Hohl for the Nanooks third goal in like three seconds. The Hey Song is played again

1:36 - Some chippy play on both ends as Scott Enders goes to the box for the Nanooks for boarding and Sean Bassignthwaite got two mintues for SAIT for roughing

Its tricky gets played as the penalties are announced

30 - Thirty seconds remaining in the game is annoucned

0:00 - The Nanooks move to 1-0 on the season with an impressive 6-1 win. Oh Yea by Lil Jon gets played. We would play the YouTube but we don't think an edited video exsists.


Great job by the Nanooks tonight to take care of business. They scored when they needed to and played good defense to keep SAIT off the board. When they had a chance to put the game away they did when they got the 5-on-3 in the third period.

The Nanooks played good, physical, game. They cleard the front of the net and gave Scott Greenham plenty of lanes to see the puck and made his job much easier.

On the same regard Greenham was a tipped puck away from getting the opening night shut out. He played pretty well and was in position for all the shots and made the saves he needed to and really gave his team a chance to win.

-The Nanooks outshot the Trojans 39-22 for the game

-The Nanooks outshot SAIT 9-5 in the third period

-Alaska won 40 of the 67 faceoffs (60%)

-Derek Klassen won 14 of his 20 faceoffs (70%)

-Travis Bradshaw won 6 of 10 faceoffs for SAIT (60%)

-Joe Save blocked three shots for the Nanooks

-Brock Michalsky blocked four for the Trojans

-Nanooks were 3-8 on the power play and were a perfect 5-5 on the PK

-Kevin Petovello led with six shots

-SAIT was led by Shane Lust with seven shots

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